“Sayge is the type of person everyone just loves being around. Strong work ethic, great personality.”

A.J. (Whitby, Ontario)

“Sayge has thoroughly impressed me time and again"

Dr. Nance McLeod (Niagara on the Lake, Ontario)

She (my wife) told me she got more peace & understanding out of your visit than all of her previous counselling combined!!!!

A.D. (Niagara Region)


I'd like to start by saying Giant Life Solutions has been more help to me and in many more ways than I originally sought out.

I was originally looking for help with a family problem that was suggested I seek help for. I didn't want to sit in a standard office, talking to someone taking notes but giving little in return. Using the internet, I found alternative sources, one of which was Giant Life Solutions.

I contacted Rev. Sayge and set up an appointment. His compassion and insight helped me get beyond my original issue and moved me into learning more about myself.
The actual change and calmness he has brought out in me is noticed by others. Friends have commented that I'm now more open in conversation than I ever was. My wife finds me to be calmer, not always on edge.

My schedule, sometimes due to work, sometimes financial, meant I couldn't set regular appointment bookings with him. This hasn't been a problem at all as Sayge has been able to accommodate me, and never made me feel like I was imposing, even though odd times were set up.

I would recommend him to anyone, as he treats people so well and seems to interact with all, putting people at ease.

I'm proud when he calls me "brother" and feel friendship on a level I would not associate with being a client.

Thanks for everything, brother.

Terry Mitchell

Niagara Region

Hi Sayge,
Last night was amazing...I am still wowing...I went home and told my mom of your abilities, and now we would like to book something.
Leah Marchesano, Hamilton, Ontario
Completely amazing! We will see you again soon!
Rose Sicoli, Hamilton, Ontario

Congratulations on contributing to a very successful session yesterday morning with the students of St. Christopher and St. Theresa.

On behalf of the BEC’s Speaker Spot and the students and staff of St. Christopher and St. Theresa Catholic Elementary schools, I would like to sincerely thank you for your presentation. The feedback immediately after was extremely positive – the teachers and students all found the session valuable and fun!

Your presentation was very lively and engaging! Well done! I’ve sent an evaluation to the Child and Youth Worker who organized the day and will have her send it to one of the teachers who was present during the entire program. I’ll pass it on to you when it is returned to me.

Unfortunately, you left before I could present you with a gift from the school (technical issues – ah the joys).

Thanks again for a great job in helping to provide the students with the valuable tools to help build good self esteem and to combat bullying. Your involvement has allowed young boys to benefit from your time and expertise and provided them with the encouragement to build their skills and confidence to help them succeed in their schools, community, relationships and careers.

We appreciate your time and consideration to help build a lasting impact on the futures of young people! Thank you for supporting our youth in Niagara.

I will be in touch regarding the Teen Esteem program.

Take care,
Pauline C.l
Event Coordinator
Business Education Council of Niagara
Labour Force Development, School-to-Work programs

"Helping  TOMORROW'S Workforce TODAY"


We all enjoyed Reverend Sayge’s presentation. This is the second time I have had him in to do presentations.. The first time he was with the grade 7 & 8’s. This time he was with the grade 4 & 5’s. During both presentations he held the attention of the students while using visual props and personal information that was interesting and relevant to the topic. He is quite “upbeat” as well as caring for the students. I would request him as a speaker again, quite quickly.

Well done Sayge. Thank you for all your assistance

Kelly G
Loretto Catholic School
Niagara Canada

Self Esteem Presentation (Nov 08)
Hi, Just a quick note to say Thank You from all of us here at Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The presentation was great. Hope we can book you again maybe in the new year.

Take Care
Talk again

Kelly G
Child Youth Worker

Laughter Therapy Workshop (Sept 08)

Great Fun, brought a higher level of fun, made us laugh !  Wonderful time.
Thanks so much, Sayge will be back next month !! - Sharon R., Life Enhancement Co- Ordinator, St. Catharines Place Retirement Residence

Laughter Therapy Workshop for Port Cares Niagara

"I can't wait to get the opportunity to sit in on one of your classes.  You made me laugh while sitting in my office.  Thank you ! And thank you for bringing such an important life lesson to our clients.  You are amazing.  Keep up the great work !! - Julie S - Manager, Literacy & Essential Skills - Training Services, Port Cares

"It was a freakin blast.  Thank you - Angele M

Congrats !  I've never had laughed so much that I needed a bathroom break.  Keep up the laughter...life's too short ! - Michelle P

High School Presentation on Self Esteem Niagara Region

  • "Amazing, fabulous presentation, keep on smilin" - Ashley C.
  • "Good Job I had lots of fun !!" - Megan R.
  • "Great Job ! You raised my spirits !" - Ashley O.
  • " You did an excellent job. Thank you very much. I love your energy and you kept thier attention." - Ms. Brazeau (Teacher, Project Turn Around)
  • "Sayge was fantastic, very energetic and interesting thank you so much !!!!" -
    Amanda W (Teacher, Project Turn Around)

"Sayge is amazing in his understanding and love. I am always very comfortable and happy in my sessions" -
S.C.M. (Private Client)

Laughter Therapy - Feb /08

  • "I had a great time " - Neil B.
  • "A great session. I enjoyed it very much, I love to laugh and it was a great way to start the day !" - Caroline B.
  • "I want to thank you for making me laugh today, hope to see you soon" - B.Fogoron
  • "I want to thank you for coming in today, I laugh all the time my four boys and ". - C. Trebley
  • " It's very rare you get to spend the morning of a work day laughing  - thank you !  I feel like a different person today and I look forward to sharing the laughter with my family & friends.  Your great, keep laughing" - Christine
  • "Great session ! Your a great presenter and it was loads of fun.  Thanks so much." - Julie C. Feb 08
  • " What a delightful way to spend a morning !  I love the good hearted living chart !  I plan to post it on my fridge and follow it each day, and will use it in my classroom !" - Ruth R.
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