Self esteem is key to everyones success in life and without it we can be left to feel alone, worthless and lacking direction on our live's path.  A lack of self esteem can also lead to physical illness, depression and the manifestation of emotional over reactions that will affect family, friends and co-worker relationships.  This unique and highly impactful presentation will help participants identify why they feel the way they do about themselves and teach them the core principals of how the media manipulates self esteem through TV, radio and print advertising every day. 

Participants will be educated on how developing and maintaining and positive, assertive attitude and high self esteem throughout their lives will lead to more opportunities both professionally and socially.  Powerful booster techniques and methods of proper communication to enhance and re-balance personal self esteem will also be demonstrated.

This highly impactful seminar is perfect for any educational, corporate, government, correctional institution or service club where personal success in life is of paramount importance.

**Please note this program is also available for private consultations** 

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Last Updated on February 1, 2011
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