International author, motivational speaker and spiritual educator Rev. Sayge C.H.T. is the founder & executive consultant of Giant Life Solutions.  After spending most of his life in the law enforcement field Rev. Sayge decided to embark on a different path of serving & healing humanity.  He now coaches & mentors people from all walks of life (celebrities, blue collar workers and corporate executives) as well as at risk youth in the justice system.  
He is certified in the following areas of expertise :
Deep Trance Mediumship

Rev.Sayge also founded the Evolved Living Philosophy program, his signature wellness system at Giant Life Solutions. Evolved Living Philosophy is a way of life system designed to promote peace and balance within those that seek a deeper message & life's path experience. He is also a skilled energy healer with training in different energy modalities. His energy healing work has helped many people from around the world.  Rev. Sayge takes great pride & personal care in his work and this is reflected through the many people he has assisted both young & old from across the globe. 
"The programs created and designed at Giant Life Solutions reflect a growing need for alternative solutions to every day human crises issues which are currently being solved with expensive, powerful medications & long waiting lists for traditional counselling services which leave people feeling helpless and vulnerable to their conditions.  My goal is to create a safe, professional& supportive para clinical environment where people can heal one day at a time and learn new & exciting skills." Rev.Sayge
Rev. Sayge is also the host of his own online weekly radio program called "The Eden Point" which is broadcast around the world on Blog Talk radio.


Last Updated on February 4, 2011
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