Going through the formative years with the learning disability Dyslexia can be very hard emotionally, physically & spiritually on a child and parents. Trouble getting proper educational assistance and finding relief from the stress of the day to day battle with dyslexia can create feelings of bitterness, resentment & anger in a child which will result in poor comprehension & social skills in school & life.

Children with dyslexia typically find it difficult interacting with others and making new friends in many social settings due to the fact they are made to feel different from other children and this in turn causes them to withdraw within themselves even further.
Our professional & experienced Dyslexia consultant can help your child in many ways deal effectively with dyslexia & its social implications from an emotional support role position.

It is our mission to offer our clients personal one on one mentoring to eliminate or decrease daily stress & increase self esteem. Our unique consultation program blends several different helping modalities both traditional and non traditional all of which are geared to children or adults. Our aim is to bring the client back into balance in the body, mind and spirit and then teach them coping skills to deal effectively with daily obstacles.

Our one of a kind consultation program can be used to improve self esteem, control anger, reduce or eliminate stress, improve mental processes & provide a valuable life coach experience for the child that can last a life time.

We are also an important resource for parents and provide support in challenging times. Don’t you or your child suffer in silence any longer; we are your family support connection for Dyslexia and understand how tough this journey can be. We are here to help.

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Last Updated on February 4, 2011
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