Through our lives we wear so many masks and so much armour for protection from the perceived pains of our life.  These masks & armour that we wear for our protection are placed one on top of the other until we cannot breath and until we no longer know who we are anymore. We lose our vulnerability.

Then as life grows old we begin to imagine it as we once dreamed it would be, and we ponder why it no longer is the dream we envisioned nor are we the people we envisioned we would be.

This workshop will begin the meaningful dismantling of the armour that surrounds you and I will slowly with love and support begin to remove the masks that continue to be worn.  This important and eternal work is never easy because it stirs memories and visions of a time gone by when we were children and free of the weight of the armour and the protection of the mask.  To be free of the armour & the mask(s), to be vulnerable once again to all is to “b naked” and this in turn is freedom.  Come journey with me to freedom.

This experience can be enjoyed as a group presentation or private one on one session.

If you would like to have the B NAKED Workshop presented to your business, group, school or any other organization you feel would benefit just contact us directly at 289-241-6983 or e-mail us at giantsolutions@aol.com 

Group Presentation - $500 – 2 hours
Private Session(s) - $100 per hour

Last Updated on February 4, 2011