Sayge is a certified Anger Solutions Coach and Trainer with over 20 years experience in assisting people with anger related issues and obstacles in their lives. From corporate professionals and entrepreneurs to those who simply wish to change limiting belief systems and enjoy abundance ! He has transformed the lives of his clients across the globe.

In addition to serving his regular clients Sayge is donating his time to working with troubled teens to assist them in resolving their anger issues and showing how to live better lives.  He regularly holds workshops on Anger Solutions throughout North America and assists corporations with implementing Anger Solutions programs for their staff.

He feels his work allows for others to heal and feel good in the moment. Sayge demonstrates to people all over the world that it's okay to live outside the box and take a less serious look at our lives.  



Everyone has had issues in their lives that leaves them feeling very angry with someone else for some perceived wrong. Anger is a healthy response to someone upsetting you.  The bottom line is everyone gets angry at some point but how they react to being angry is what sets people apart. From co-workers, to friends and family, relationships with others have to be managed all the time every day to the best of our individual abilities.

Reaction to anger is everything and some people allow it to consume them and dominate their mindscape with thoughts of revenge or other negative ideas while others let anger wash over them like a cool stream and react with control. These people don’t rent space in their minds for the person who wronged them. 

A negative and extreme anger response over a short period time can lead to all sorts of physical ailments such as chest pains, headaches, stomach pains and much more, which in turn leads to stress in other parts of your professional and personal life that could have nothing to do with the original incident that made you angry.


Our powerful Anger Solutions program will help you regain control of your emotions and provide you with the tools you need to overcome the very real feelings you are currently experiencing when you get angry.

Once again you will be back in control of your emotions and your life.  This proven system does not focus on the past but looks to the future to assist you in dealing with others more assertively and responsibly.  Watch as your life relationships become less stressful and more meaningful when you can deal with verbal attacks and button pushing situations with a cool head and logical clear thinking. This program is very valuable for individuals or couples.


Compounded stress in the workplace from daily professional and personal responsibilities usually results in Anger Solutions issues that in turn can cause loss of staff productivity through time off or physical ailments or fear of repercussions from co-workers and most importantly over reactive or uncontrolled responses to anger and stress can cause a decline in client service.  Uncontrolled and extreme anger affects everyone from management to front line workers.  This program is perfect for any size business that is concerned with work place violence and their employee’s mental health and physical health.

Anger Solutions for business can be used as a reactive or preventative program.  Our certified Anger Solutions specialist can be booked come to your location and speak with your staff in a group or individual setting and teach them the techniques that will allow them to take control and express their feelings in a positive more controlled way when confronted with anger inducing situations from clients, fellow staff members and others.

Our program has also been used as a general mental health program with regular visits to the client location scheduled with advance notice to the staff for private one on one consultation.


Last Updated on May 25, 2011